September 4, 2014

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About Team BlackRock's operation manager

Susie Brathwaite

Susie Brathwaite is the one you probably talked to on the phone. She brings years of experience and flair to the company. She enjoys traditional and sport climbing, snowboarding, long boarding, downhill mountain biking and competitive gymnastics.







About Team BlackRock's field leader.

Brent Brathwaite

Brent Brathwaite is a High Angle Rescue Instructor (trainer) .Referred to asĀ ” Captain”, he holds advanced certificates in diving (PADI and NAUI), flying (USHGA, IKO and PASA), rescue (swift water, ice and confined space) and holds a current TSSA mechanics licence as well as Wilderness First Responder and Advanced Pro First Aid from the American Heart Association.

His main passion is attending festivals and focusing on Youth Initiatives created by communities. He has subbed in as a French and Latin teacher for the Catholic School Board and the Durham District School Board as well. He has owned and ran Overnight and Summer Camps in Ontario. He has found the profound sport of Rock Climbing beneficial to helping distracted, autistic and hyper kids focus and achieve empowerment. He writes and publishes blogs on Youths at Risk and Event Management.



















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