September 4, 2014

Summer Camp Rentals


Summer 2023 Special!  2 hours for $799!

  1. Mobile Rock Wall with safety staff  comes to your camp
  2. 4 climbers climb at a time, 60 to 80 climbers per hour
  3. Insurance for 5 Million covers the camp and sponsors
  4. Add the Obstacle Course or Bungee Run for only $299!

How  does it work? It’s simple… our portable 24-foot climbing wall arrives at your site and  is ready to start at your booked time. We can easily handle up to 200  campers in a two-hour session, with each camper getting 4 or 5  challenging and exciting climbs. Our wall can handle 4 climbers at once,  and has seven routes ranging from easy to very difficult.

Here is what the rock wall will do when it arrives at your camp:   What’s your  risk? Nothing. We provide everything – safety ropes, climbing harnesses, and  trained staff with a great attitude . We warm up the climbers with a fun Olympic style  tug-of-war. Our staff make sure each  climber has a favorable experience.  If they don’t make it to the top,  they feel good about their attempt and our efforts to coach them up;  our climbing coaches are well-versed at working with people of all ages, especially  youth and special needs climbers. We even list your camp on our insurance policy as soon as you’ve  booked! BlackRock  Climbers has been bringing the challenge and satisfaction  of climbing to summer camps in Ontario and Quebec for more than sixteen years without an  injury.  After all, we  are climbers ourselves, and understand the powerful positive effects  this activity can have on personal development and confidence. Here’s our  personal promise to you. Our wall will be ready at your site on the  scheduled time each week, and we’ll keep going until your campers are  finished climbing, even if that pushes us a little past your booked  time. So, why not let  your campers see things from a higher perspective! Want to know  more? Call us  right now at 905-720-0865 SUMMER CAMP RENTALS

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