September 4, 2014

School event ideas

School Event Ideas for your next Fun Fair

Climb’N’Bounce for 3 hours for $899!

Basic Fun Fair Package

  1. The 24 foot Rock Climbing
    Tower with staff, for 6 years and up

  2. The 15 by 15 bouncy Castle


Climb, Escape, Run and Bounce : $1750!

4 hours of adrenaline and fun for your school!

  1. The 24 foot Rock Climbing
    Tower (ages 6 and up)

  2. The 51 foot Circus Obstacle
    course (ages 6 and up)

  3. The 15 by 15 bouncer (Free!)
    (out of diapers to age 6)


Climb, Escape, Slide, Bungee, Pull and Balance: $2450!

Private and Public Schools / High  Schools

  1. The 24 foot Rock Climbing
    Tower (ages 6 and up)

  2. The 51 foot Obstacle course with Climbing Hill and Slide
    (ages 6 and up)

  3. The 3 lane bungee run (ages 6 and up)

  4. The Happy Face Combo (ages 3 to 10)


Climb, Escape, Slide, Bungee, Joust and Balance: $3500!

Big Public Schools / High  Schools/ Frosh Week

  1. The 24 foot Rock Climbing
    Tower  for ages 6 and up

  2. The 51 foot Climbing Wall
    Obstacle course

  3. The 3 lane bungee run

  4. The Olympic 4 Man Joust

  5. The Crazy Circus Amazing Race Obstacle


 BlackRock Climbers has a unique way of capturing the wow factor in students from kindergarten to grade 12. We have school event ideas, interactive rock walls and inflatables to keep the kids participating and enjoying their school extravaganza. Listed below is some of the equipment that BlackRock can offer for your school fun day.


How does it work?

School event ideas with portable rock climbing wall

Portable rock wall from BlackRock Climbers at a school fair.

Here is what will happen… we come to your school, anywhere in  O
ntario with  the equipment of your  choosing, ready to start at your booked time. Our equipment accommodates up to  750  students in a three  hour session, with each student getting  or  4 fun and safe turns to participate. For example, our  walls accommodate 4 climbers at once;  the Obstacle courses can put through 600 participants in 1 hour!

  What’s there to worry about? 

Nothing. Everything is provided from safety ropes to the climbing harnesses and trained coaches with a high can do attitude. Our staffs make sure  each student has a favourable experience; If the climber does not make it to the top of the climbing wall, the coaches make them feel good about  their attempt ; all coaches are well-trained  at working with students of all ages, especially children at risk and the disabled. Your school board is already on our insurance policy and we are probably board approved.

 What you need to  know:

  • We carry third party liability  for all events for $ 5 Million in insurance
  • We  are registered with most boards in Ontario and 2 in Quebec
  • The owners are always on site, no  exceptions
  • Quality staff. All climbers are  fully certified. Mostly teachers and high achieving college students
  • The owners also speak fluent  French and Spanish

BlackRock  Climbers has been bringing school rock walls and inflatables to  schools for more than seventeen  years without an injury.  Our climbing coaches  will give  your students the time of their lives!

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