September 6, 2014

Belleville Birthday Party Rentals

 Rock Climbing Birthday Parties 2024!

Small Package*: $450

Big Birthday Package**: $750+

*Simple Rock Climbing Birthday Package: You get a rock wall, staff, bouncer, set-up and take down, for 1.5 hours. Includes up to 20 guests present, climbing or not. Additional fee for extra guests.

**(Best Seller) The Ultimate Rock Climbing Birthday Package: You get the big show wich includes a rock wall, staff, 52 ft obstacle course, for 2.0 hours of action.Add the bungee run / 4 man olympic joust for an extra $399! Delivery, supervision, insurance, take down included. 

 Here  is what will happen:

  1. We arrive at your location  about 15 minutes before the party starts, surprising everyone (no  kid or adult will ever suspect that you hired the entire midway as your Birthday Party Ideas!).
  2. We set up your  FREE  Bouncing Castle (value of $150 alone!) or Obstacle Course on the front lawn and yes, it  is rented out to adult and teen parties also. While your guests lose  their minds in the castle or Obstacle course , we setup a tug-of-war challenge. Everyone  gets in on the action!
  3. After that, we harness  each guests, exciting them and giving them pointers on the way. Then we have the shyest  person climb first while the party goers cheer them on.
  4. After that, up to 4  people climb at once, taking their time or competing against one  another. We let them climb until their arms fall off!

BlackRock Climbers Inc. provides you with fantastic ideas to celebrate your adult or kids’ birthday party with rock climbing as its primary feature.

* plus mileage and GST.

Birthday Party Ideas!

BlackRock Climbers Inc. has introduced the innovative idea of having a rock climbing birthday party. Make the next birthday  special by having a rock climbing party. Every birthday climber will be very fascinated by the very idea and will be thrilled at witnessing the excitement of his friends as well. Maximize the joy of your kid or loved one  by booking with us by calling 905-720-0865 today.

Break the traditional ties of having the same old rituals at birthdays and make the birthday of your kid extra special by making it a rock climbing party!

Are you bored of the same traditional birthday celebrations that have been repeated over the years? Renounce the ancient musical chairs and bring in the thrilling rock climbing wall to set the mood right!

Whilst plagued with intense work routines, you forget how the proper celebration of your private occasions is important in making you feel rejuvenated. Keeping in mind your busy schedule, we have carefully devised these interesting Birthday Party Ideas that you can employ at home. Not only is our package highly cost effective but it also saves you from the hassles of unnecessary travelling in these busy times. This also means that you save up on the travelling costs.

When you book with us, you get a wide range of facilities that make your kids’ birthday stand out amongst all the celebrations that their peers might have had. Have a look at all these pictures and see how we have successfully conducted various Birthday Party Ideas

So wait no more and call us now and get all the following facilities:

  • High fun birthday at home
  • Birthday Party Ideas!
  • Low cost celebration
  • Disciplined staff that takes care of everything
  • 24 foot rock climbing wall
  • Tug of war challenge
  • Bouncer for the kids
  • Fun and excitement in a secure environment
  • Opportunity to create priceless memories
  • Thankful kids that will always love you for providing the best childhood
  • All the above in under $450!
  • Price is  plus mileage plus Tax.

The best part about the entire event will be that all these fun filled activities will be a surprise for your kids and guests. We will arrive at your place just fifteen minutes prior to the event; thereby catching everyone by surprise.

At BlackRock Climbers Inc., we believe that you should be in complete control of your event without having to do a single thing. This is why our trained staff makes every activity happen in front of your eyes but does not leave anything to be catered to, by you. We assure you of high quality services in every aspect of the entire event.

Your event will feature nothing but absolute excitement and thrills in the expert hands of the BlackRock Climbers Inc. So call us now and create wonderful memories for your kids!

Your party will be run and  supervised by our trained staff . In addition to the climbing walls, our Jumping  Castle and Tug of War challenge, the  guests will learn basic climbing techniques, learn how to participate as a group and overcome basic fears.
Birthday Party Ideas Birthday Party Ideas

BlackRock Climbers invented the Birthday Party Ideas model.

Here at BlackRock Climbers, our job is to help party planners  like yourself take control of the birthday environment with Rock Climbing Birthday Party Ideas,  and also for us to provide a central pick-up/drop off spot for parents, which helps create a  visually stimulating high energy  birthday activity. We have a unique and fun way of capturing teens and  pre-teens at your next birthday event. We have the rock walls and the experience to keep them  having fun and busy for the duration of the your party.

We also have a sister company

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