January 23, 2015

Sales of Mobile Rock Walls

Portable 24 foot Climbing Tower: 3 Walls in 1

The CrossFit Tactical towers is:

  1. A 3 sided Mobile Rock Climbing Wall with 3 foot Overhangs
  2. A 3 sided Vertical Adventure Obstacle course with Cargo netting in the front and a variety of climbing options that can be fitted to the sides such as:
    1. Rope ladders
    2. knotted ropes
    3. firecracker ladders
    4. tire challenge
  3. A 3 side 24 foot high advertising billboard to promote any service or any product, in full 4 color high impact graphics

20140926_120853CrossFit Tactical climbing tower with rope ladders, cargo nets, knotted ropes and more elements!20140926_1210072014-08-12 14.29.23

Climber Tower with 1 major sponsor: Canadian Tire Corp.

Graphic _5

Climber Tower with 6 major sponsors

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Climber Tower with 12 major sponsors!

Specifications and Pricing:

Portable Rock Climbing Wall’s start at $38,800.00 CDN for a branded  new wall.

 Capacity: 4 Rock Climbers
Climbing Structure: Marine 3/4 plywood mounted on  welded steel structural-tubing frame and finished with our  proprietary sand, resin, concrete and glue compound  Rock Climbing Surface: A proprietary type of outdoor vinyl.
Climbing Holds: more than 200 holds
Belay System: 4 twin point top anchors, static 11mm ropes,  gri-gri’s.
Trailer: 9m (30ft) long by 2.4m(8ft) wide D.O.T. Canada  3200kg (7000lb.)

Approved dual axle trailer with:
• Road  lighting package
•Electric brakes
•Factory ball hitch
Trailer Stabilizers: 5 factory installed manual set  outriggers
Elevating System: Electric-hydraulic single piston system
Weight of trailer: 1000 kg (2200 pounds)
Total weight, with panels and holds: 1610 kg (3542  pounds)
Industry Standards: Engineer approved and stamped,
Florida Engineer High Wind rated.

Mobile Rock Climbing Biz Template

We all know how popular rock climbing has become in the past decade, and here is a business that you can start based on a successful and proven theme. A mobile rock climbing wall that is mounted on a trailer and designed for fast assembly and dismantling can be used both for instruction and business promotion purposes. instruction: This aspect of the business is very straightforward. Market the rock climbing instruction classes to corporations, organizations, clubs, and schools who pay a flat hourly, half-day, or full-day fee, as opposed to a per person instruction fee. business promotion: The second aspect of the business is much more unique. Companies within the local community hire the mobile rock climbing wall and your instruction capabilities to promote their own business for sales events, grand openings, and special occasions. Imagine the advertisement, ‘Climb to the top of the wall, ring the bell, and receive 25 percent off the retail price.’ The possibilities are endless for this type of unique promotion service. requirements: You or an employee will have to be a certified rock-climbing instructor. Furthermore, you will also need the expertise to build your mobile rock-climbing wall. Liability insurance and safety equipment are an absolute must in order to run a mobile rock climbing business.

Start-up costs: A mobile rock-climbing business can easily be started for less than $50,000, including the cost of designing and building the rock climbing wall, safety equipment, and the trailer.

Profit potential: Once the business setup is completed, the monthly overheads are minimal and the business only requires one part-time employee.

The following is a good example of the rates that can be charged for this service. All rental rates include instructor and assistant, the setup and dismantle time, as well as the use of the required climbing and safety equipment. • Hourly instruction and rental rate: $300/hour • Half-day instruction and rental rate: $1200 • Full-day instruction and rental rate: $1500 to $1800/day. Providing the average sale is based on a half-day rate and you are booked only 10 half days per month, the business would generate revenues in excess of $144,000 per year.


CrossFit Tactical climbing tower with rope ladders, cargo nets, knotted ropes and more elements!  20140809_104406Climber Tower with 1 major sponsor: Tim Hortons


Why buy from BlackRock

  • Best pricing in the industry.
  • You receive our cookie-cutter template for making money in the
  • You are not just buying a  rock climbing wall;  you are buying our service, knowledge and full dedication to  making your business successful.
    • These walls go up in 42  seconds. This a one person set-up/take down.
    • It is low profile for easy  towing, awesome on gas.
    • It generates maximum  revenue with 4 climbers at a time.
    • The only wall that can pay for itself BEFORE your first event by selling advertising space
    • It is an exact replica of  an indoor climbing gym and uses real ropes, not a cable assisted  auto belay system. Each  participant’s ascent is controlled, safe,  instructed and has the operators full attention. We use real  mountain hardware.
    • We are high angle rescue  instructors; details mean everything, to a fault. Our engineers  are second to none.
    • Canadian built with  the best products currently available to mankind; strict building codes, the strongest materials  and work ethic.We only sell 1 design for  the following reason; it works.
    • Your choice of graphics.
    • Climbing tower elements extra.

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