January 23, 2015

Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Sales 2023

Mobile 24 foot Rock Climbing Tower starting at U$ 38,000.00 with a 3 week delivery guarantee!

We named it the “CrossFit Tactical Tower”.

It is a rock climbing wall with overhangs AND a multi-use climbing training Tower, in one. Made in Toronto, Canada, delivered world wide.

Introducing the ultimate in mobile rock climbing wall sales by BlackRock Climbers Inc.!

Our mobile rock climbing walls are perfect for any event or gathering, providing an exciting and challenging experience for all ages. Our walls are made from the highest quality materials, so you can trust that they will be around for a couple of decades at least! Mostly purchased by law enforcement, youth camps and resorts. They can be branded (see below).

They  are light and easy to transport, allowing you to quickly and easily set up in any location. With our variety of different add-on features and overhangs, you can customize the perfect wall for your event. Whether you are looking for an adrenaline-pumping experience for your expanding festival or resort or a fun and creative activity for your community, our mobile rock climbing walls are the perfect solution. Get ready to take your event to the next level!

20140926_120853CrossFit Tactical climbing tower with rope ladders, cargo nets, knotted ropes and more elements!20140926_1210072014-08-12 14.29.23

Why choose this wall over the competitions?

The cargo nets and rope ladders are removable. The rock climbing holds can be adjusted to any pattern or level of difficulty. You can use ropes and/or an auto belay system. The wall can be towed behind any SUV or van. You can brand the wall in your company name. We have the Best pricing in the industry and you receive our cookie-cutter template for making money in the industry (You are not just buying a rock climbing wall; you are buying our service, knowledge and full dedication to making your business successful.) These walls go up in 42 seconds. This a one person set-up/take down. It is low profile for easy  towing, awesome on gas. It generates maximum  revenue with 4 climbers at a time. The only wall that can pay for itself BEFORE your first event by selling advertising space on it! Each  participant’s ascent is controlled, safe,  instructed and has the operators full attention. We use real mountain hardware. We are first and foremost high angle rescue instructors; details mean everything, to a fault. Our engineers are second to none.

We only sell 1 design for the following reason; it works.


Capacity: 4 Rock Climbers at a time
Climbing Structure: Solid polypropylene sheets mounted on welded steel structural-tubing frame and finished with our  proprietary sand, resin, concrete and glue compound.
Climbing Holds: more than 200 holds
Belay System: 4 twin point top anchors, static 11mm ropes,  gri-gri’s. TruBlue auto belay system ready (purchased separately)
Trailer: 9m (30ft) long by 2.4m(8ft) wide D.O.T. Canada  3200kg (7000lb.)

D.O.T Approved dual axle trailer with:
• Road  lighting package
•Electric brakes
•Factory ball hitch
Trailer Stabilizers: 5 factory installed manual set  outriggers
Elevating System: Electric-hydraulic single piston system
Weight of trailer: 1000 kg (2200 pounds)
Total weight, with panels and holds: 1610 kg (3542  pounds)
Industry Standards: Engineer approved and stamped,
Florida Engineer High Wind rated.

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