February 12, 2016

Obstacle Course Rentals

Inflatable Obstacle Course Rentals.| BlackRock Climbers Inc.|

inflatable obstacle course rentals

Obstacle Course Rentals

BlackRock Climbers Inc. provides fun inflatable obstacle courses rentals that make your events much more fun

Inflatable Obstacle Course Rentals

BlackRock Climbers Inc. is now offering inflatable obstacle course rentals that will make your party more fun than you thought it could be. With small models for indoor events and large models that allow multiple people to run the course at the same time, there is sure to be a course that is perfect for your event. These courses are sure to make your event memorable and thrilling for all parties involved.

The moment anyone walks into your event or party and sees the inflatable obstacle course rentals, they will know that they are in for a good time.

We have already had a lot of success with our climbing walls, bouncy castles, and other fun items that can be rented by people who want to make their events more fun. Now we have decided to up the ante even further by introducing obstacle courses. These allow competitive people to feel accomplished and adventurous, without actually putting anyone in harm’s way.

We have such a great collection of these inflatable obstacle course rentals that we can accommodate any type of a party. Is your event happening indoors? Worried that people will not be able to enjoy themselves at an indoor party? Get our indoor obstacle courses and see as people jump and run through it while having fun. They aren’t even restricted to children; we even have courses that are fit for adults. If you think that kids have fun on inflatable bouncy things, wait till you see a group of adults race each other through an obstacle course.

  • The various design and size choices make these inflatable obstacle course rentals perfect for:
  • Birthday parties
  • Children’s parties
  • Corporate events
  • Outdoor Events
  • Indoor events
  • Church events
  • Fairs
  • Family picnics
  • BBQ Parties
  • Theme parties

When was the last time you entered a party and saw an obstacle course in it?

inflatable obstacle course rentalsToo many events these days are boring. Once people walk into your event and see an obstacle course they will know your event is going to be fun. Expect a lot of pictures on social media, as people love getting their pictures taken while they are tearing through the obstacles. The gladiator inside everyone comes out once they see the safe opportunity provided by the inflatable courses. You’ll also be delighted to see the many designs and themes we have available, such as sports obstacle course, rocket obstacle course, circus obstacle course, and much more.

That’s not all…

inflatable obstacle course rentals

Obstacle Course Rentals

At BlackRock Climbers Inc. we have taken an oath to not let any event or party be boring. We have so much more to make your event fun. We have inflatable slides, inflatable climbing walls, bouncy castles, and much more. So if you have an event coming up give us a call and see how entertaining we can make your party. We will tell you what will be perfect for your party out of our collection and will help you choose. We know parties, give us a call and ensure no one at your party is bored.

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