September 5, 2014

Freakishly Asked Questions

21 years of Freakishly Asked Questions

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This is where you will find a list of the most Freakishly Asked Questions we receive here at BlackRock Climbers.

(please note that all prices listed need mileage and tax added)

Table of Contents

  1. How can we guarantee that the
    participants are safe?

  2. How many people can climb the walls
    at a time?

  3. How old is the minimum climbing age

  4. How many volunteers do you need to
    man the equipment ?

  5. How many staff arrive with the
    equipment ?

  6. When is the best time to book our

  7. When do we provide you with our
    certificate of insurance for 5 million liability ?

  8. When can you expect us to arrive
    at your event?

  9. What happens if you cancel your
    event ?

How do I know that these activities are
safe ?

  • All participants are in a harness at all times.
  • We have never had a claim, or safety isuue.
  • All safety equipment is never older than a few months,
    with a shelf life of 3 years.
  • All instructors are high angle rescue instructors and
  • The owners are always on site.
  • All participants are securely tied in, and tied to a
    physical person via a static rope
    . Never cable or
    mechanically belayed, ever!
  • This is all we do. We are the best in the business and we
    are always looking for ways to increase our knowledge and
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How many people can climb the walls at a
time… ?

  • 4 People climb at a time.
  • We can accommodate groups of 40 harnessed participants,  and we max out at 150 participants an hour.
  • An average time to climb is about 20-30 seconds or way
    less for the avid climbers.
  • We are wheelchair accessible, the only portable rock
    climbing company to provide climbing for wheelchair bound  participants.
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How old do you have to be to participate  … ?

  • We start climbers at 6 years old, or grade 2 and up. It
    has more to do with weight so 100lbs to 250lbs.
  • For the Joust, toddlers may be assisted by their parents
    or siblings over 16
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How many volunteers do we require for an event?

  • For the jumping castle, 1 volunteer at all times
  • For the rope ladder, 2 volunteers at all times
  • For the joust, 3 volunteers at all times
  • For the climbing wall, 2 volunteers to help take off
    harnesses only, no safety work.
  • To collect tickets, 1 volunteer.
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How many staff arrive with the equipment ?

  • A minimum of 2 people arrive with the climbing walls.
  • A minimum of 2 people or 1 owner arrive with the inflatables
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When is the best time to book our  equipment  ?

  • Now
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When are you provided with our certificate of
insurance ?

You will receive your certificate of insurance 8 days before
your event
, usually emailed to you from our insurance carrier.
Events are covered for 5 million dollars liability; clients
are name as co-insured on our policy upon demand and for a fee.
We can provide proof of insurance without a certificate at any  time.

The client will not call our insurance carrier without our  express permission for any reason, at any time. If this is done  and a deposit has been paid, the contract is cancelled on the  spot and the deposit is forfeited.

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When can you expect us to arrive at your

  • We usually arrive 30 minutes before our start time or earlier depending on the clients request for setup times and  access to the climbing location.
  • Climbing wall footprint Freakishly Asked Questions
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What happens if the client cancels the event
and a deposit has been paid?

    • The first 50% of the total sale (the deposit) is absolutely positively  non-refundable.  
    • All bookings and sales are tentative until a deposit is received, we will not  guarantee your booking/sale without one.
    • Event Cancellation :
        • If we  not received a call canceling the event before we set out to your  event, no rain checks will be allowed and the balance of your
          contract invoice is due upon our arrival.
        • If you call to cancel your event up to 6PM the
          night before, we will gladly issue a rain check and it will be valid for  365 days depending on availability and is non transferable. The  balance is still due the original date of the event.
        • Regarding adverse weather conditions: If the balance due cheque is not handed over at
          the time of arrival for ANY reasons , we reserve the right to  leave and the balance is still due , now with an additional $100
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