January 3, 2020

Festival Adrenaline 2 piece Special

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Very popular!

Festival starter Package!

  1. The Rock Wall Climbing Tower

  2. Choose 1 of 3: The Obstacle Course or The 3 lane Bungee or the 4 Man Joust

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Festival Adrenaline 2 piece Special

Festival Adrenaline 2 piece Special

Circuits needed: 2
Item Dimensions:
Space Needed: 30 by 70


4 man at a time Joust Arena:

  • 24 ft. mobile standard rock wall

    Popular and Affordable

    No hassle, Covid safe, staffed and insured, 4 climbers at a time. Our 4-person climbing tower brings the excitement of rock climbing to your event! This highly sculpted, realistic surface provides the experience that your clients are looking for. Our rock wall has four distinct rock faces to keep wall traffic separated and accommodate a variety of climbing skill levels. Safety is insured with our rock climbing coaches who supervise all four climbers at once for maximum through put.

  • 3 lane Bungee Run

    200 participants/hour, Covid safe and staffed!

    3 contestants wear a harness with a giant bungee cord attached. As they run down the runway, the participants try to place velcro markers at the furthest point possible before the bungee cord pulls them back. We also have a 2 lane setup with a referee available.

  • 52ft.Obstacle Course w/Climbing Wall

    Massive throughput (close to 800 participants per hour on Canada Day) and affordable

    Ages 6 and up! This obstacle monster is an absolute must at any event. A huge inflatable rock wall climb, squeeze throughs, tunnels, slides, inflatable obstacles and more! The perfect item for a birthday party add-on, school, church event or a company picnic. This great obstacle course is a full 52 feet long with over a gazillion different obstacles to clear!          


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