9 Ways to Get Sponsors for Your Event

Sponsorship; the Backbone of a Successful Event

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Planning and organizing an event, irrespective of its size and nature, can be a very tough and tedious task—all the way from its initial planning stages leading up to its execution. A lot of elements need to be looked at and monitored on a day-to-day basis to ensure that the event lives up to the expectations of the people who remember it for all the positive emotions it generated.

Hosting an event which targets children in particular can drain you of your finances. Normally, the organizers must pay out of their own pockets to arrange a fun-filled event for the children while also taking into consideration the parents who will accompany them. Likewise, it presents an excellent opportunity for brands which cater to the younger crowd to market themselves and make sure they become their favoured brands in their respective product category.

Thus, securing a sponsorship is key as it can help you and your event in multiple ways. It can act as a source of the funds which are required to make the event happen as well as give the event itself credibility by being associated with brands which are famous among consumers. Here are nine ways —five tips to keep in mind, followed by four benefits that you must communicate to your sponsor — to secure the right sponsors:

5 Tips to Secure the Best Sponsors for your Event

Many children events target companies and businesses for sponsorships. A sponsorship for an event can bring them the exposure and visibility they need to capture the attention of their target market. It provides them with the perfect opportunity to reap the benefits of a good ROI (Return on Investment) due to the low investment required to advertise themselves.

Here are some handy tips you should keep in mind when approaching companies and businesses and will tell you how to get the sponsors you want:

1.      Target the Appropriate Businesses

The first and most important thing to consider before approaching a potential sponsor with a sponsorship proposal is whether there is a relevance between the nature of the event and the business. In case of looking for sponsors for your event which targets children, make a list of local businesses which offer products and services which specifically target children or parents. This increases the chances of the business entering into a sponsorship agreement, which is both meaningful and beneficial for both parties.

2.      Contact Them through Mainstream Mediums

When approaching companies with regards to securing a sponsorship, you should always use those mediums of communication which are formal and which tend to produce an immediate reply. Make sure you start off on the right foot as it could determine the events which proceed it. Drop them an e-mail, call them on their business number or even message them your proposal for them to consider it at their ease and convenience.

3.      Leverage your Connections

If you are having no luck trying to reach the person of interest through any communication channel, never give up. Ask around and utilize your contacts to get into contact with the person you want to talk to. Most people approach local businesses through their own personal connections which also serves to influence decisions which can lead to a sponsorship proposal being accepted or rejected.

4.      Make a Sponsorship Proposal

As the saying goes, “the first impression is the last impression”. A well designed and thorough sponsorship proposal will have a strong and lasting impact on the potential sponsor who views it. It will also speak volumes for the effort and time the event team is putting into making it a memorable event for the children. This can help create a positive image of the event in the eyes of the potential sponsor who will seriously consider your offer.

5.      Choice of Sponsorship Packages

It is advisable to present potential sponsors with different sponsorship packages to choose from. Many a time, event organizers only give a few options to businesses which they cannot comply with due to budget restrictions and difference of opinions. Thus, as an organizer, you should be more flexible and accepting of the demands of potential sponsors if you hope to get the most number of sponsors for your event.


Many companies look forward to sponsoring events as it is a cheaper marketing alternative to mainstream advertising. It allows them to promote their products and services by targeting the audience of the event in the hope of improving brand recall and memorability among them.

4 Benefits for the Sponsor

In many cases, children may act in a way which influences the buying patterns and decisions taken by their parents. An event crowded by children can present an excellent opportunity for businesses to market their products for a nominal cost. As such, when approaching them, you should base the entire conversation to highlight how the respective business will benefit from choosing to sponsor the event. This might provide them with enough of the reason to go for it. Here are some ways in which this particular strategy can be implemented:

1.      Increased Exposure to the Brand

Tell them about how the event will help their brand in getting noticed among their target market. A well-executed event can work wonders for a brand in helping it get the attention to drive favourable customer response for the brand.

2.      Potential Rise in Sales

Including some important statistics and figures related to the turnout and the age group of visitors expected to attend the event can help a business gauge whether it will be worthwhile for them to sponsor the event or not. Ultimately, brands want a marketing stunt to translate into sales for the company.

3.      Communicate with the Audience

Brands can communicate with children in different ways during such events. They can place their advertising hoardings in and around the venue where everyone can see it or even place a stall at the venue to cater to the children in ways which they might come to appreciate and remember the brand by. Some brands also choose to sponsor an entire activity within the event, which allows them direct interaction to their target market.

4.      Build Positive Brand Associations

At the end of the day, every brand wants to be remembered for the right reasons. By creating an unforgettable experience for children in different ways, brands can help children remember them by building positive associations, which motivates them to purchase them over their competitors.

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