5 Tips to Build Fantastic Attendance at Your Event

One of the worst things that can happen to an event is not enough people showing up.

We hate it when we see a fantastic host, who set up a fun event, wait for attendees that are never going to show up. So here are 5 Tips to Build Fantastic Attendance at Your Event! The number of people that attend an event is often touted as a sign of its success. Building attendance is also generally something which a lot of people overlook. When you have an event to plan, you are overstressed because you have to manage a hundred different things.

If you do not focus on building an attendance then you might be putting in all the efforts at organizing the event for nothing. Don’t worry, we have been to hundreds of such events to install our inflatable obstacle courses and slides, and we know what you need to do to build an audience.

5 Tips to Build Fantastic Attendance at Your Event

1) Create a website people can check out

Here’s the thing; when you set up an event and invite people to come, you think they will come because you are doing so much for the event. You’re setting up a children’s fun area with slides and bouncy castles, you are setting up entertainment for everyone. Why would anyone not want to come? The answer to that lies in viewing things from the perspective of a potential attendee. You are asking them to give you many hours of a day. You know the effort that you are putting into your work but they do not. They aren’t going to find out either unless you tell them. The reason most people skip on the efforts to attract attendees is that they aren’t sure if they will actually enjoy the event.

The first thing anyone does these days when they hear about something new is search for it online. If you do not have a good online presence and a website then people aren’t going to find anything satisfactory and they will not come to your event. The little bit of doubt about the event being fun will make them avoid committing hours to attending your event.

Build a website and highlight all the fun things that are going to be at your event. Having a website allows you to control the conversation that happens about your event. Would you go to a new restaurant if you couldn’t find any information about it online? Probably not. The same is true for events.

2) Set up a fun zone

There’s always an ambiguity about most community events. What are we going to do once we get there? This is a common question most attendees ask. The answer to it is simple as well; you need to create a fun zone to make sure people bother to come to your event. If you are a parent you will understand how important it can be to have a fun zone at the event. If you are not a parent then let us explain. Once you have children you need to make sure there is going to be something for them to do everywhere you go. Sure, when you are going out on a nice dinner with your spouse or going out to a formal event you can get babysitters to manage the kids.

But community events are for families and people are going to bring their kids. This means that you have to make sure there is something fun for the kids to do. Do you what happens when a kid is bored? They start bothering the parents about how much they are bored. Thus, you need to ensure parents that their kids are going to have a great time at your event. Once the children are happy the adults can relax and be happy as well.

What to add in a fun zone

There are a lot of things you can add to the fun zone; the focus is that the activities should be fun for the kids to do. Bouncy castles are a classic; kids love bouncing up and down in them. Balloon artists are another classic children’s entertainment item that is guaranteed to make the kids happy. You also need to have a slide or an inflatable obstacle course to give the active children something to do. You do not have to do the event in a playground; we have excellent slides, inflatable obstacle courses, and bouncy castles available for rent.

If you have the time and space it would also be a great idea to hold some sort of a competition for the children to participate it. There is also one item which can take your fun zone to the next level; we have a portable rock wall for climbing. It is one of the best additions to a fun zone because of how it looms over everything. When someone walks in and sees that you have a mobile rock wall for climbing they know that you are serious about having fun. It stands out and makes for a very fun time.

5 Tips to Build Fantastic Attendance at Your Event

3) Be Social on Social Media

Social media is one of the best tools you have for events these days. Having a good social media presence is the easiest way to ensure that the right type of people will know about your event. Facebook is perfect for events for many reasons. The first is that when you create an event page, you can continue to post updates. So if someone says that they are coming to your event, they will find out about any changes in the plans or any additions to the program. Secondly, Facebook makes it very easy for people to ask you questions, so if anyone has any doubts about your event they can simply send you a message through the event page.

Thirdly, and most importantly, the level of outreach you get with Facebook is second to none. If you are organizing a community event or any mid-sized event most of the attendees are going to be from the same community. This means that your target audience is probably good friends with each other. When someone says that they are coming to an event on Facebook the information is shared on their Facebook as a post. So now all of their friends will know that they are attending the event. So even if 1 person says they are coming, that post is shown to hundreds of people. When people say that they are going to an event then others might be interested in going as well, being their friends.

4) Give your event a great theme

We asked a reputable bouncy castle hire company in Perth, what is the one thing that can make an event like this better? The answer, Themes. Themes are something which too many event organizers overlook. Having a theme is a great way to make your event look and feel interesting. If the theme you choose is interesting enough then it is going to make more people want to come. Another big reason behind creating a theme is that it will simplify work for the organizers. If you pick a theme you will also know what colors to use everywhere, what design to put on the social media posts and advertisements, and you will have a basic idea about how everything should look. Make sure the theme you choose can be easily conveyed to people.

For example, one of the events done by a customer of ours had the theme ‘Reach new Heights’. The theme was about positivity and working hard and they complemented it by renting one of our rock walls to climb in the middle of the event. The visual was great at reinforcing the theme. If you aren’t sure about what themes you can provide such visual cues for simply send us a message and we will let you know what we can provide that fits your theme.

5) Host a 5k run / walk

Who said you had to think inside the box or go mainstream? You can really energize the awareness and outreach of your campaign by organizing a 5k run / walk. It is very simple to organize; you just need to invite the people working with you in setting up the event and start the walk. Want to know a way to maximize attendance through a walk? Do it on a Sunday and go through places you know will have people interested in your event. This is a very visible activity and it will let your message reach the people who are most likely to enjoy coming to your event.

The biggest of the 5 Tips to Build Fantastic Attendance at Your Event :Keep the hype on!

These are just some of the things you can do to build an attendance for your event. Remember, people will only come if they think that they are going to have a grand time. It is up to you not just to set up the event to be fun but to also communicate to people that your event is going to be fun. As long as you list a couple of fun activities and mention a fun zone for the children, you will have families wanting to come to your event. From there on, it is on you to make sure you deliver what you promise.

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