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24 ft Climbing Tower

New and unique to the climbing industry, this vertical obstacle course was commissioned by the Department of Homeland Security to train various military branches to climb and rappel a dynamic moving surface. It stands 24 feet tall, has rope ladders, firecracker ladders, a massive cargo net and is always moving!

Portable Rock Climbing Walls

Trailer mounted, our Mobile Rock Climbing Walls accommodate climbers starting at ages 6 and up. They can be place on grass or pavement or snow. We can accommodate 4 to 5 climbers at a time, with another 20 on deck ready to give it a go! A must at any event!

Inflatable Obstacle Courses

We have such a great collection of these inflatable courses that we can accommodate any type of a party. If you think that kids have fun on inflatable bouncy things, wait till you see a group of adults race each other through an obstacle course.

The Sprint 3 Lane Bungee Run

Contestants race side by side down the 3 Lane Bungee Run inflatable raceway while harnessed to bungee cords. The object is to place a sticky baton as far down the lane as possible before being yanked and blasted backwards by the bungee cord. This game is a barrel of laughs and a real crowd pleaser.

The 4 Man Joust, 2 Teams at a time!

Partygoers will love the chance to try the inflatable version of the Gladiator Joust. This game puts four gladiators (2 against 2) doing battle in an inflatable arena on foam-padded pedestals. The participants attempt to win by using oversized joust poles to knock the opposition off their pedestals

The Happy Face Bounce/Slide Combo

The Happy Face Bounce/Slide/Obstacle Combo puts a smile on everyone’s face. This combo unit has a 13 X 10 foot bounce area and a 14 foot high slide! This is for ages 3 to 6 years old.(must be out of diapers and pull-ups)

The Big 15 by 15 Bounce Castle

All kids love to bounce! The Yellow Blue and Red bouncers are a favorite for day cares, churches and large parties. These moonbounces dimensions are 15 X 15 feet and are perfect for boys and girls birthday parties or any event where there are young kids ages 3 (must be out of diapers and pull-ups) to age 6!

2024 Specials and PACKAGES

We have the equipment, the coaches and the know how to keep your event fun and safe!

Rock Climbing Birthday Party

Our Belleville Facility or We come to you


  • 24 Foot Rock Climbing Wall
  • Huge Bounce Castle
  • Fully Supervised Event
  • Come to Us or We come to you!
  • Crisp Clean Inflatables
  • We take Care of Everything!
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2024 Summer Camps

Affordable Climbing for your camp

from $899

  • 24 foot Rock Climbing Wall
  • Any camp anywhere in Ontario
  • Rock Wall is Staffed
  • 5 Million Liability Insurance
  • Setup/ Take Down Included
  • 4 campers climb at a time, on rope!
2024 Specials Here

Events, Festivals & Fundraisers

Rock Wall/Obstacle Courses/ Bounce Castles and games

from $1050

  • Rope Ladder Climbing Tower
  • 15 by 15 Bounce Castle
  • Rock Wall is staffed
  • 5 Million Liability Insurance
  • Setup/ Take Down Included
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School Fun Fairs

Build The Ultimate Sports Zone

to low to list!

  • Rock Climbing Wall suitable for small children
  • Huge Interactive Inflatables for the little kids
  • Rock Wall staff included
  • 2 Staff Members with 5 Million Liability
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Simply the Safest in the Business, 25 years running.

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Over 25 Years of Successful Event Rental Planning

Rock steady 26 years in the event business, we have NEVER had an injury, or been sued for anything. •We actively and physically work your event, holding the ropes and providing coaching for each climber; NO CARNIVAL AUTOMATIC BELAY DEVICE SYSTEMS here! •We have worked in 3 countries from Ixtapa Mexico to New Bruswick Canada. •We have trained Homeland Security, the Canadian Armed Forces , Fire, Police and search/rescue teams •We have never missed or not shown up to an event, regardless of excuses. •The owners are on site at each event! •We actively participate at your event, just look at the pictures! •We are licensed, bonded and insured for 5 Million in liability for 26 years straight! •Our Mobile Rock Climbing Wall Rental company is cost effective and innovative, you will not see anything like it anywhere else. Our energetic staff is harnessed and holding your ropes at all times

  • Insured & TSSA Certified
  • Not one injury in 26 years
  • We use real climbing equipment and coach in english and french
  • Climbing with special needs is allowed & encouraged


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