We provide your customers with quick and easy access to cash.


  • Mobile ATM rental services for Festivals, outdoor Sporting and Music Events, Flea Markets, Car and Boat Shows, Rallies.

  • Free ATM Cash Machine Placement for large events over 5000 attendees per day

  • Increases revenue flowing into your event and boosts attendance

  • Keeps customers on-site and spending money at your event

  • On call service and cash replenishment

  • ATM's are ADA Compliant

  • Uses wireless technology - no need for a phone line

  • 24-7 Service Provider - a BlackRock owner stays on-site during the event!

  • We provide the Installation/De-installation

For smaller events than a 5000 attendance per day , we charge a flat rental fee of $350/day per machine; the majority of clients make this and more back that day!

We provide:

  1. The chip card ready wireless ATM machines
  2. The high visibility signage
  3. Security, 24/7
  4. Liability insurance for $5 million, listing your event as co-insured!
  5. About $25,000 cash in each machine (we need 4 business days notice to order your cash)
  6. Delivery with a fee of $.50/km from the GTA
  7. Set up and removal after the event.
  8. Whatever transaction fee you would like us to put on the machine....YOU KEEP IT!

You only have to provide a location and an outlet; that's it!

If you cannot provide electricity, we can provide a generator for $150.00 per day . No phone lines are required because our ATM's run on a cellular network.


The Entire Surcharge Is Yours - All of it -  You keep the entire surcharge amount and pay absolutely nothing for the transaction processing. We set-up and provide all transaction processing free of charge to all of our customers. So, for an example, if you set your surcharge at $2.00 and you process 500 transactions that day, the total surcharge revenue you earned is $1,000. You will receive your surcharge revenue cheque within 7 business days after the event. Guaranteed.


Use the surcharge to:

  • Raise money for the bride and groom
  • Raise money for a school outing or charity
  • Raise money for...your wallet!



So, where is the catch?...book early!



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