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2014 was crazy, 2015 is going to be INSANE!
2014 was crazy, 2015 is going to be INSANE!


What makes us different and why choose BlackRock Climbers? 

Here is what we brag about, because our competition cannot:

  • We have never had an injury, a complaint or been sued for anything
  • We have never missed or not shown up to an event, regardless of excuses.
  • The owners are on site at each event.
  • We are licensed, bonded and insured
  • We over achieve at each event. Period.

Take The Challenge, Towering 24 feet above the ground, the  Blackrock Climbers mobile climbing walls will attract and entertain  any crowd. Blackrock brings the experience of rock climbing and  multiple adventure products to your event. We combine new and exciting  portable rock climbing walls, and the latest in extreme products with  a staff of seasoned professionals.Using only top of the line equipment and a fun and professional staff  of outdoor adventure guides, we work to insure our customers have a  safe and successful event.
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Our certified rock climbing instructors hold the ropes while you climb,  giving you pointers and encouraging you to the top. There are no  mechanical or auto-delay devices on our walls and our Blackrock  Climbers walls are the closest you will get to the exciting sport of  indoor Rock Climbing, and an exact replica of an indoor climbing gym.

Our Motto at BlackRock Climbers?

“Under Promise….Over Deliver…Everytime!”